Detail look – 77th Combine season 6 nether hub

This is the first post of this concept – I pick one of my builds and make a pretty detailed showcase of it, explaining its functions, build technics used and add a little rating, pointing out the features of it that I like and those I don’t like that much.

This build we are looking at is a nether hub on 77th Combine “Hidden treasure is a lie” (yes, that is the new official name) season 6 realm. It’s very different from the nether hub builds people tend to do. It is a spooky-ish house on a piece of land, surrounded by darkness. I played around with lighting a bit, the house interior emits light and everything around is dark. Inside the house there are 2 portals leading to 2 parts of spawn town and a few community-use rooms – a coctail bar, dining room, conference room and a small room with message boards on the walls for people to write random messages on signs. The void effect around it is made using black concrete.

+ It’s a very unique concept

+ Serves as a good place for group meetings

+ I made a overworld-looking landscape in the nether

+ Void effect using black concrete

+ Very well detailed house

– It’s a bit too small

– It’s quite hard to get from one side to another, people often run around the room instead of going through it

– It needs a bit more colour


Look at the house
Front entrance
Conference room

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