77th Combine season 6 progress update 1 – Farms, farms, farms

When season 6 started, I united with a fellow 77th Combine member, TheeKunal2020 and we came up with a big plan for our base. We have been working on it since the beginning and I finally feel like it’s worth showing.

There is a lore behind the entire build and it’s very important for the overall feeling you have from it. So… this is the story:

There was a medieval-age world. A different dimension or a different planet? We don’t know. Magic was powerful in this world, and the people built cities, castles… all this fancy fantasy stuff. But then, those strangers came… in the far future of our world, people discovered a new way of travel – portals. They used them to go to this medieval land and settle down there. They built a research and military base here. These newcomers paid no respect to those who this land belonged to. Knights and warriors didn’t agree with it and they started a war.

And now let’s come back from the plans to what has actually been built. Most of the base is a flat area yet to be used, but some builds have been popping up. The most important one is a big villager trading hall, many of the others are automatic farms that supply us with large amounts of crops to be used to trade with villagers – we have a pumpkin and melon farm, a carrot farm and a sugarcane farm – all fully automatic. We wanted to have these farms finished first and then we started some pretty buildings. I am building the futuristic side whereas Kunal is working on the fantasy-styled area.

There are already a few buildings on my side of the base. I have made a concrete machine, a storage room and a big portal hall. Villager breeder and trading hall is also on my side as well as the sugarcane farm. However, most of the area is flat and empty.

Kunal’s side is even more empty, but he covered it with coarse dirt and made some beautiful custom trees in the area. Our automatic carrot farm is also located on his side. He has his own storage room which has been built underground and it looks like the inside of an Indiana Jones temple.

It’s a big, big project, but it’s coming together and both of us are working hard on it. Another progress updates are coming soon.

More about The 77th Combine realm on the official webisite the77thcombine.com


A lot of farms in the base
Deeny’s futuristic side
Inside of the portal hall
Kunal’s storage room
Kunal’s fantasy side

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