Build competition on the 77th Combine and my sky island

At the moment there is a build competition going on on the 77th Combine realm. The competition has one special rule: your build must be floating in the air. I decided to participate, of course. And after 4 days of building, I can present to you my sky island.

It’s a magical chunk of land being held up in the skies by a green mystical crystal that has been bounded to the sky island using big chains. There are some trees on the sky island, and even a few houses. These houses were made in rustic medieval style and they also have a bit of nordic-style feel – they are all made of wood and they have very tall and steep roofs. One of the houses has a watchtower attached to it.

The entire floating island was built in the sky by hand, out of nothing. All trees were custom made, all houses have fully decorated interiors. I have put a lot of effort into it. Making this build was a very interesting project and it took me about 12 hours of building. A very interesting aspect of the whole sky island are the houses – they are all made of wood, no cobblestone or stone bricks have been used. I used 3 different colours of wood for these houses to make them colourful enough. The hardest part of the whole island were roofs on these houses. It took me a while to find a symmetrical pattern that looks good enough, but I managed to do it.

So this is my entry into the sky build competition. I am proud of what I created and I am pretty confident this build might win. We’ll see. If I am correct, the competiton ends on 15th August, so there is still time to build and more people may participate. The four builds that are done or in progress currently all look great.


My sky island
Look from above
Magical crystal
Me on top of the watchtower

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