Dernalia progress update 2 – Spawn transformation and XP farm

I have done some more work in my singleplayer survival world and I feel like it’s time for another progress update post. I have been working on 2 major projects – making my spawn area pretty and transforming a double spawner into an xp farm.

The world spawn has been a flat plain area (see the little pun?) and it really needed an improvement. So I turned it into a bunch of small crop fields separated by stone walls. I made a few pathways running between the fields that will eventually lead to other areas. Some custom trees were made in the area as well. And I made a wagon next to one of the pathways which has a nether portal in it. I think it’s a nice way to have a nether portal in a place you wouldn’t expect it to be – and it’s definitely better than having the portal in the castle as I originally planned. I flattened the area a bit more than it used to be and I destroyed a hill on the corner of the fields area (you can see how grass isn’t fully spread there). This terraforming project is not done yet and I will continue working on it.

Transformed spawn area (and farm house in the distance)

On the other hand, my double XP farm is now fully done and functional. I used a zombie spawner and a skeleton spawner close to one another to create it. New update aquatic mechanics came in handy when I was making water elevators (using soul sand to create bubble columns). The killing area is designed like a smugglers cave or a mine (I haven’t really been thinking the lore through that much with this build, it looks good and that is important) and it has a sorting system for bones, rotten flesh and arrows, an enchanter and levers to turn auto killing (using lava) on and off as well as to toggle an auto trash can for armor and bows. This xp grinder will be used a lot to get XP and bone meal.


Double XP farm – killing room

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