Creativity in Minecraft

Creativity in Minecraft

What is creativity? What does it mean someone is a creative Minecraft builder?

I will explain this and show some builds from me and other people. This post may be a great source of inspiration to you and it shows the not very known way to improve your builds.

Creativity is an interesting topic. There are many ways to improve Minecraft builds – better shape, details, landscaping, overall feel… They can be separated into 2 big groups – I will call them ‘looks’ and ‘feels’.

‘Looks’ are the shape, detail in walls, nice roofs etc. How do you like the build when you look at it, without any deeper thoughts about it. Basically the first feeling you have when you see it.

My sky island

For example, when you see this sky island, you notice the shape of the rock, the details, the beautiful wooden roofs, trees… the list goes on. When I built this for the build competition, I bet all my eggs in one basket – the ‘wow’ feel when you first see it. However, the build is lacking any deeper thoughts, like who lives on the sky island, how those people gain food etc.

‘Feels’ are a bit more complicated. You can greatly improve your builds if you have some lore behind them.

My season 5 base – mining town

My season 5 base on the 77th Combine had this nice lore element. Every piece of this build had a backstory – there are miners living in these houses, the crane is there for lifting ores from the deep mine, the entire town has a defensive wall against tribes of canibals that live in the jungle. Some houses had even more lore attached – one of them is a church, one of them is a small town hall where the mine owner rules this town from.

If you feel like a street between your houses is too plain, you can add barrels, markets, foliage… These little things add detail as well as the backstory I have decribed earlier.

Season 4 harbour base

As an example I am using another of my big survival builds – 77th Combine season 4 harbour. This once was a boring boardwalk, now it’s full of life, colours and details. And the way I have achieved this is super simple – adding markets, crates and goods being sold.

Creativity is described as “A phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item can be intangible (idea, theory, musical composition) or a physical object (invention, painting).” I am not exactly sure which cathegory a Minecraft build falls into, but I think it’s more of a physical object than an intangible item. Even though it’s only virtual.

In the common Minecraft terms, creativity is strongly connected with uniqueness and thinking outside the box. It can be an interesting shape of the build, nice details or using a block in a way no one has done before.

A street in the city of Redcoast

As a reference image I am using my newly started city which is a part of the 77th Combine creative-mode building project (more about it probably in a different post). I used bricks and granite for sidewalks – both of these blocks are very rarely used by the Minecraft community. Even the houses are made of unusual materials, like hardened clay, white concrete and of course red wool and concrete combo that creates vibrant red roofs. I have put a lot of details on the street – crates, barrels, plants… It all creates an incredible and unique atmosphere. Honestly, I think this city is becoming my best build. And the most creative one.

To truly see what creativity can do in Minecraft, I will use a few builds made by other people. So this is my mini gallery of the most creative builds, along with links to showcase videos.

Jansey’s big city

This one is my favourite – a big city made by Jansey. This is what inspired me to build Redcoast. It’s a similiar style, but taken to a next level. World tour link is here.

Scarlandia – City of the future

GoodTimesWithScar is by my opinion the most creative builder on YouTube. He has always been a huge source of inpiration for me. There is a lot to see from him, but probably the best of his builds is this huge futuristic city. Link here.

Bdubs castle

BdoubleO100 is another incredible builder. Unfortunately he has not really been active on YouTube for almost a year now, but the old videos are still there and his creations are mindblowing. World tour here.

fWhip’s mountains

fWhip is not very famous, but he is an awesome builder too. He is great at large-scale terraforming and detailed buildings. World tour part 1 here and part 2 here.

In general, videos like these are a great source of inspiration. But coming up with you brand new, unique, never seen before ideas is still the best.

Personally, I have been improving my building skills for years, but I was always focusing only on the looks and didn’t think about lore, creative details or paying attention to the feel they have when you are walking between them. But my newer creations (I would say the harbour was the first of them) started to have this lore element, more details and better overal feel. But there is still a lot to be improved.


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