77th Combine creative project

77th Combine creative project

The 77th Combine crew has started a new long-term building project. It’s on a separate world, we have creative mode, commands and big plans. We are working on a huge island with kingdoms, cities, villages and forests – and once it’s finished, it will be a big adventure map.

Theme of the whole build is fantasy/medieval, we are creating a deep and complex lore behind it. The island has been divided into 5 kingdoms and we also have plans for end and nether dimensions. Each kingdom will have one big capital city and some smaller towns, villages, crop fields and forests… there is a lot to be built.

Note: I am writing the lore in present time, but most of this has not been built yet. However, I feel like you will enjoy reading it more if it’s written this way and it’s definitely easier to uderstand.

A) Icebergs

Project leader: None

Capital city: None

Location: North-west

Lore: There isn’t any at this point

This is an area no one really wants to build in, so it’s pretty much empty at the moment. But there will definitely be something cool here eventually (that pun was unintentional).

B) North-east area (unnamed)

Project leader: MsGrumpyKat

Capital city: Ellcrys

Location: North-east

Lore: This area has dense forests with elves living in them. The magic is powerful here and you can find mysterious elven cities built between the trees and in their canopies. The capital, Ellcrys, is built inside and around one of the biggest trees world has ever seen.

Kat is working on Ellcrys and I gotta say the tree is gonna be a huge one. Apart from that, I don’t know about anything being built in this area.


C) Gervaisian

Project leader: JRTasel

Capital city: Gilibertus

Location: East

Lore: There was a very advanced and powerful empire in this area a long time ago, but then it was destroyed by a great evil. Nowadays, a newer medieval-style civilization exists in the ruins of Humfrye, the old empire. Humfryans had some mysterious advanced technologies and some of them might still work, but most of the area is in ruins. There is a huge volcano in this kingdom and it’s still active.

Tasel is kinda the leader of this entire island project and he has made an enormous custom volcano with some command magic. He has also started Gilibertus, the capital city. Ric has also been working on a ravine in this area.

Big volcano

D) Gerilion

Project leader: DeenyBuilder

Capital city: Redcoast

Location: Middle and south

Lore: In the times of the old empire, Gerilion was a Humfrye colony. However, Humfryan people didn’t build here, so there are no ancient ruins in Gerilion. Most of the area is flat, covered with forests and crop fields. Most of the people in this area are farmers, fishermen and salesmen and the kingdom relies on trading and selling goods a lot. Redcoast, the capital city, is a big harbour and it’s full of shops and markets selling practically everything. Another build in this area is a village at the east coast which is where the whole adventure map starts. And there a dark forest in the southern part of Gerilion.

Gerilion is currently the kingdom with the most stuff built in it. Redcoast, the capital city, which is being built by me, is coming together really nicely. SpikeBeer and BSavage81 made a beautiful starting village. Savage’s dark forest is a work in progress.

Start village

E) Ocean

Project leader: None

Capital city: None

Location: West

Lore: Something underwater

Apart from just1guitar claiming a cove with an underwater ravine, I don’t know about any action going on here.

F) Skrillax

Project leader: FingerPickinRic

Capital city: None

Location: Nether dimension

Lore: It’s evil and it connects the kingdoms via dark magical portals that spread the evil to overworld. There existed an evolution of people that became obsessed with what lay below the earth and it’s interaction with fire. As they dug deeper in to the earth, the rocks became hotter and it was thought that they would never again have to processes cobble with fire, and eventually, a great river of molten fire spewed forth and burnt all in its path. This river of fire flowed between the darkest rocks that had ever been seen. The rocks were hard and it took many men digging to raise them to the surface. The wise elders saw a dark light emminating from the core of the rocks and believed that these rocks held the clues to incredible discoveries. A great temple was built to house the rock which were placed in a sacred chamber deep. As more of these dark elemental rocks were mined, elaborate archways were built from them with pillars. Once, a wise elder was resting in his chamber, awake and in a meditative state, when a purple glow crept under his door and into his mind. Half awake and half conscious, he followed the light, and as he stood in the great chamber, he saw before him, a window of light, purple, hypnotic. It emitted a a resonant hum that left him spellbound. A scream pierced the window and thunderous shock wave tore through.. The wise man was no more. A bloodied rift had been opened, the earth was torn in two, and the world below had it grasp on the world above. It is not known what became of the purple. None have stared into the gate. None has heard its screams. None have seen beyond. None have seen below…

Ric has been working on an epic nether entrance in a ravine near the volcano – aka the temple of the fire cult. There is nothing built in the nether yet, but the plans are ambitious. I have done the lore part for the nether in a different way than the other kingdoms, because this story Ric made is just amazing.

G) Ix

Project leader: onlyon41month

Capital city: None

Location: End dimension (central island and end cities)

Lore: Before the fall of Humfrye, a group of people called the Cult of Ender traveled in time and set up a base in the far future. They are still there, studying forbidden rituals, inventing technology beyond understsnding and worshiping the Ender God.

onlyon41month has been working on transforming the end. Plan is to have a central island with portals to other islands (end cities). He has also made a giant dome structure on the main island. The end is gonna be the most mysterious part of the whole map.

End – Main island


Redcoast is my project, so I can write a bit more about it. It’s gonna be a big port city, with shops and markets everywhere. I am building this city in a different way than all my builds before – Instead of just building houses, i am building streets. Wide, major roads as well as small alleyways between houses. I often build a half of a house just to make it complete from the side I need and finish the other half a long time after that. My focus is the area between houses. Another interesting thing about Redcoast is the fact that apart from the red roofs I practically do not have a set build palette. I have used most of the blocks that are avaible in the creative menu. Even some that nobody would ever consider a viable option for building houses, like endstone bricks or unstained hardened clay. The sidewalks of this city are made of a combination of two very rarely used blocks – bricks and granite. I gotta say it’s a sexy combo.

Redcoast from above
One of the main roads

There are crates on the street, barrels, some greenery… a lot of detail. Some of the fellow 77thCombine members asked me if I am going to use every single avaible block that is in the creative menu. I am considering that. I have already done some really tricky ones, just for the challenge – like using glazed terracotta in this terracotta shop. Notice that I even used some glazed terracotta in the walls. That is another thing you don’t see very often.

Glazed terracotta shop

Personally, I think the best part of Redcoast are these small alleyways. They are like a hidden treasure and they have a whole different feel than classic the big roads. And the greenery in them – I love these! They will bring the city to a whole different level.

Other 77th Combine members can participate in the Redcoast project by making interiors in the houses. They will help me a lot, bacause I don’t enjoy making interiors very much and there are lots and lots of them in this city.

Redcoast is probably becoming my best build ever. I love its uniqueness, colours of the walls, red roofs and details on the streets. And once I add boats in the sea, it will be truly amazing.

Map of the entire island

The whole island project is a great idea. We have basically become a build team. Big thanks go to Tasel for coming with this. And I must thank our command team as well, they help us builders with grindy work.


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