Looking back – Deeny’s 2014 survival world

Looking back – Deeny’s 2014 survival world

Recently I found a backup of my very old survival world and it brought back many 4 years old memories. If you are interested in my super old creations, here I am showcasing my oldest proper survival world.

I had a few survival worlds before this one, but they were all low-developed and generally looking bad. I was literally scared of playing survival at the time. This is the first one that actually had something worth showing built in it. I started this world in late 2014 (almost 4 years ago!) in Minecraft PE alpha 0.9.0. I was playing here for about 3 months (but far less time per week than what I do nowadays).

I made my base on top of a hill, right next to a jungle biome. It was a (kinda) castle in a style that was a bit similiar to Mayan builds, but at the same time it was quite different from those. I built the castle partially into the hill and terraformed the top (my first ever landscaping project).

Storage&crafing area and a spot for growing big trees
Look at the entire castle from the jungle
Fountain and sheep farm in the castle
Entrance to my base

On a custom-made flat platform on top of the hill I made a tine storage&crafting area, a sheep farm, a spot for growing trees and a few more builds. The only way to get to the castle from the jungle is through an underground tunnel and climbing up a ladder.

Tree farm

There is also a cave in my area that connects that castle with another section of my base – my tree farm. The cave itself is just a standart Minecraft cave, so I didn’t bother showing it here.

Hanging bridges leading to the skeleton spawner

I found a skeleton spawner underneath my base and I turned it into a bone farm (not an xp farm because xp wasn’t in the game yet, but it would definitely be usable as an xp farm if xp was there at the time). The killing room was rubbish, but the way to get to it is quite cool – I made a series of hanging wooden bridges in the cave that leads to it.

A house to cover the mob elevator

The water elevator is so high that it reached the surface, so I had to cover it somehow. So I built a small house around it. You can see that my building skills were nowhere near what they are now.

Entrance to my never finished mob farm… and stonecutters! (Do you remember stonecutters?)

The last project I started was a mobfarm that was supposed to look like a castle (yes, another castle). However, I never finished it. I accidently deleted all my worlds, which is also why I don’t have my original creative building world anymore. For years, I though this world is already gone – until I found this backup that was made about a week before I lost my worlds.

This walk through my old survival was really nostalgic to me and it made me realise two things: The fact that even my 4 years old builds looked pretty nice and also how much did I improve during these 4 years.


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