77th Combine season 6 progress update 4 – Inside the temple

77th Combine season 6 progress update 4 – Inside the temple

Yes, it is now official – we’ve found the courage to enter the skeleton temple and face the evil inside it. And we found the heart of it all… literally. And we definitely didn’t just build it all.

Before we get into the temple interior, I have to show how the exterior was improved. It’s now fully surrounded by a water moat. This moat is mostly my work. I have spent a lot of time decorating it with fallen rocks and pieces of the wall, texturing the bottom using brown hardened clay and adding lots of slabs and stairs.

Skeleton temple with the moat around it

It took a lot of effort, but I have enjoyed working on it a lot. There’s something about this kind of terraforming and detailing that makes it really relaxing. Filling it with water was a pain tho. But the amount of detail under the water is worth it.

Underwater detail

The only way to get into the temple is through 2 underwater caves that lead into a partially flooded room with the heart. Both ceiling and walls are very detailed and both look like they are about to get destroyed and fall down.

Heart inside the temple
Kelp farm building

Kunal’s kelp farm has been covered by a very nice building that fits the fantasy style really well. There is also a big kelp-powered furnace array on one side of it.

Kelp-powered smelter

My side got a new building too. It covers the top part of water elevator used in the skeleton farm and it is also a pretty large tree farm. This build was a real challenge and I had to rebuild several parts of it a few times to make it look good. The result is a very unique creation. The corner that covers the water elevator has been turned into a satelite antenna. Notice the purple colour used there. A section of the tree farm is reserved for oak trees and the rest is for other tree types.

Tree farm


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