The weirwood tree – my new netherwart shop

The weirwood tree – my new netherwart shop

I don’t do shops on multiplayer realms very often, but I have just started a business on the 77th Combine. My new shop sells netherwarts, red netherbricks and bones and it was designed as a weirwood tree.

The inspiration for this build comes from Game of Thrones, a popular fantasy TV show based on G.R.R. Martin’s book series. The weirwood trees with pale white trunks with carved faces on them and red leaves are one of the most famous elements of the show.

View at the entire tree

My tree is made of bone blocks and netherwart blocks, it matches the colour very well and it’s also all made of the blocks it’s actually selling. It’s a really big organic structure and it’s already become the most recognisable build in the season 6 shopping district.

Shopping area with the veirwood tree

The interior is quite simple – a series of staircases and platforms made of birch that leads up to the tree canopy where the actual shop is. There are signs along the way up with some of the most iconic lines from Game of Thrones. Some of them are philosophic, some are funny, some are only understandable for GoT fans.

Staircase up to the shop
The shop itself

There are 4 different items sold in this shop – netherwarts, netherwart blocks, red netherbricks and bones. Honestly, this shop has been made just for the sake of having fun building it (I really wanted to make a weirwood tree in Minecraft!) and I don’t expect big sales or profits. But it just looks awesome and it’s really unique. I mean, you don’t see weirwood trees in Minecraft very often.


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