I built a spaceship!

This is a quick showcase of a build I made on the 77th Combine realm. I didn’t want to make a full progress update post because not much else has been done in the base area. Also, I decided not to do this as a “detail look” post.

Ok, now that we’ve pointed out that this article is kind of an outsider, let’s properly begin. Here’s my spaceship.

This build is located on the futuristic side of my&Kunal2020’s base and it basically covers the villager trading hall that has been an eyesore for months. We’ve torn down the breeder and some parts of the redstone mechanisms in the trading hall, because after 5 months of playing we already have good villagers for practically every trade. This means the trading hall is now entirely floating in the air. Then the building started. This spaceship has been built by me, and yes, it’s all 100% survival. In fact, I didn’t even prepare anything in a creative testing world, the whole spaceship was free-handed and most of the time I was just blindly placing blocks and hoping it does not look totally ugly. But in the end, it turned out amazing.

Spaceship from the front

The main building materials were cyan clay, light grey concrete, blue concrete, white glass and quartz. A lot of quartz. The amount of materials needed for this build was insane and I wasn’t prepared for that at all. Especially quartz was a real pain to get. Both me and Kunal were frequently going on long mining trips to the nether and I was buying SpikeBeer’s quartz shop out every time she restocked. But the quartz was needed for detailing the spaceship and I made it work really well, as you can see on the pictures.

Aerial view of the futuristic side with the new spaceship

The villager hall is U-shaped, which is not a perfect base to work with. I decided to make 2 big “bodies” connected to one another by a less bulky section in the middle. A very interesting part of the whole design are boosters. There are 2 large ones at the back that would normally serve for powering the spaceship in space (it’s a spaceship afterall), but at the moment they are turned off and the spaceship is powered by smaller rocket engines that are pointing downwards and slowing it down before landing. There are five of them, the four at the front and in the middle are all the same, the one at the back is a bit larger. I used coloired glass panes to imitate fire from the rocket engines.

Boosters at the back

The only way to get inside is using elytra, the entrance is in the middle, underneath the cockpit. There are two staircases leading up from the area for elytra landing to the main floor with villagers. These villagers are labeled with signs that show their trades and how many emeralds each item costs.

Interior with villagers

On each side of the trading hall there is a storage area for items to trade and trading output. Both of them are the same – the same layout, the same items labeled on the chests. And at the end of each wing there’s a water elevator that takes you up to the top floor.

The section on one side with storage and water elevator

The top floor isn’t as nicely decorated as the bottom, I just improved the arches, added sea lanterns and made tables with chairs for passengers. I will probably return here later and make the interior better. My plan is to make it look like a 1st class plane.

Interior of the top floor

This build took me 2 weeks to complete and I am glad it’s finally done. It was one of the trickiest and most stressful builds I have ever done. But the result of all my effort is a really good build. I mean… how many giant sci-fi spaceships have you seen built in survival Minecraft? The next step is a spaceport underneath it and that’s what I will do. You can expect some updates on that soon.


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