77th Combine season 6 progress update 8 – Medieval town is done!

77th Combine season 6 progress update 8 – Medieval town is done!

I am very aware of the fact that the progress done in the Futuristic vs. Fantasy base between the last post and this one isn’t as impressive as usual, but I am gonna make this article anyway. Also here I’m adding a little clarification for those who aren’t that familiar with the project – it’s a two-people base I have been working on with TheeKunal2020, but the new stuff I am showing here has been all done by myself.

The main focus of the past two weeks was the medieval town at the fantasy side of the base. Since the last update I built a lot of new houses, finished the unfinished ones and terraformed the areas between them. The town is now done and I don’t have any plans to add more houses. One more time I’m giving thanks to Bmitzleplick for building a few of them.

Medieval town from above

This town project shows how crazy the whole base is – normal people would consider building a town a big project, while for me it was a only minor part of the whole build. Yes, it took 3 weeks, but so did the crater, the spaceship or the skeleton temple. The town feels small compared to all the other stuff done in the base.

Aerial look from the other side

One feature of the whole style I’m gonna point out is the terraforming. Some areas between the houses have grass in them, some don’t. I mixed brown concrete powder in the coarsedirt areas for some texture variation and detail. Roads connecting the houses are made of path blocks. I managed to merge the already existing trees into the town and they fit in pretty well and bring some variety to the otherwise quite boring town.

A little town square with a tree

And during the weekend I finally started making the pumpkin farm nice. It will be a big defensive tower. I’m trying to make it in the same style as the medieval town, which means it’s going to be different from Kunal’s big temples. This puts in another piece of the lore behind this build – this tower is not one of the ancient buildings of a forgotten civilization, instead it’s pretty new and it’s purpose is to defend the town from attacks coming out of the futuristic side.

View at the town and the unfinished pumpkinfarm tower

This has been a short post, but I haven’t been able to put more progress together. I will do my best to get the base as close to completion as possible before the realm showcase stream by Mojang community team that will be happening next Friday.


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