Goodbye, season 6!

Goodbye, season 6!

Season 6 of the 77th Combine realm has been here for almost 7 months. It’s the longest, craziest and most awesome season we’ve ever had and I was enjoying it like no realm before. Let’s have a look at all I’ve done this season – there’s a lot of it.

The biggest and most obvious of my S6 builds is the Futuristic vs. Fantasy base I made in collaboration with TheeKunal2020. As far as I know it’s the largest base ever made on the 77th Combine (measuring square meters), it’s size is roughly 250 by 300 blocks. Note: I’m not 100% sure how big was Atlantis made in S4 and Tasel’s S2 base, so I may by wrong. But I think our base really is the winner here. This collaboration is what made this season so different for me and I am really glad I accepted Kunal’s invite to team up with him. We created something people will remember.

Look at the futuristic side from the ocean

The base has been in the progress of being built for months and yesterday I finally finished it. I wanted to make more details, vehicles and destroyed weapons, but there isn’t more time for that. It does not matter, a Minecraft build is never finished to a stage where it cannot be tweaked or expanded, there’s always something more that can be built. But the Futuristc vs. Fantasy base now feels completed, there are no blanks sposts in it and everything is merged to the landscape around.

Central part of the futuristic area

I was building mainly the futuristic side, whereas the fantasy area is mostly Kunal’s work. But we were both working on the other side as well, Kunal made a huge villager hall on my side (that I later turned into a spaceship) and I made the small medieval houses, the defensive tower and the interior of Kunal’s skeleton temple.

Netherwart tower, portal hall and spaceship

I made many nice buildings on the futuristic side, but there are two of them that I am especially proud of – portal hall and the big spacehip. The portal hall was the first large building in the base and it’s one of the most recognisable ones. It combines a nether portal with an aquarium, merging together the hell theme with water. It’s the first build you see when you enter the base and it’s really impressive. The big spaceship was one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever taken on and it still surpirses me how good it looks in the end, especially considering the fact it was free-handed in survival, with no preparation in creative.

Concrete converter and the medieval town

The area between our two sides was a project we both worked on and it took us 3 fully dedicated weeks. It was all lowered by several blocks and turned into a little ravine that opens to a huge crater. Yes, this whole crater was hand-dug in survival. It’s interesting how everyone is in awe seeing its size and doesn’t really appreciate the masterful landscaping we did there.

Crater with a meteorite

The big defensive tower at one side of the crater is a very recent build done by me. Inside there’s an automatic melon&pumpkin farm that was built by Kunal a long time ago. It’s about 80 blocks high from the very bottom to top and its roof is the size of a pyramid, but in the context of all the giant builds in the area it doesn’t even look that huge.

Spaceport from an unusual point of view

Most of the other side of our big crater is occupied by a sci-fi spaceport. This was one of the less enjoyable projects in the base, but the result is worth all the struggle. Fun fact is that I used over 40 stacks of concrete powder and 10 stacks of quartz to build it. I am also proud of the build palette I came up with for the airport control tower and the small building nearby that uses strange materials like white concrete powder (yes, powder) and light gray clay.

onlyon41month’s gift/prank

One day during the season this appeared in the base – a prank/gift by onlyon41month. We immedially decided to keep it, no matter if it fits in the style of the base or not. So we kept this build. We also got several shulkerboxes full of useful supplies along with this, those helped a lot.

Big aerial view of the futurisric side

This futuristic style of building was something completely new to me and it was an awesome experience. It’s really different from my usual medieval or western styles, but I made it work. The ultimate challenge of this build was using a lot of different colours and combining them with white/grey, trying to balance them and make the area colorful, but not too colourful.

Medieval town, stables, sacrficial altar… and those other builds

Kunal’s fantasy side is completely different. Whereas most of what I was doing is playing with colours, his style is focusing more on interesting shapes and details. However, it’s different from what people usually build in the fantasy style, he used a lot more stone over wood and created a cold, evil theme that feels even darker due to the eye motif used in many builds.

Skeleton temple surrounded by the 3 big towers

The most rememberable of his builds are probably these three giant towers. They are over 70 blocks tall and they use an intersting spiral design made of leaves. Other builds in the area almost feel tiny in the shadow of these towers.

Kelp farm, storage room entrance, iron farm, carrot farm

Kunal’s building style is interesting in general. He never failed to surprise me with more and more big buildings, each one more impressive then the one before. His side is about twice as large as mine, but it’s also more spread out compared to the crowded futuristic area.

Skeleton temple in all its glory

The skeleton temple is the largest of Kunal’s buildings. It was built quite early and later we made the water moat around it, along with the interior. These are mostly my work and the whole project took me an entire week. But the terraforming I’ve done underwater is a masterpiece.

Inside the temple

The interior is half-flooded as well (with the same crazy terraformed floor as the moat) and the ceiling is detailed using a lot of different materials. In the middle there is a big demon heart. I’ve written a lot about it in different articles, links to them are at the end of this post.

Kunal’s storage room

Kunal’s storage room is impressive too. It’s a big underground hallway with skull designs on both sides with chests between them. This is actually the first build where he used this messy wood/leaves/stone design that he later recreated (with some changes) in more builds including the skeleton temple.

View of Futuristic vs. Fantasy base with my new plane

I intentionally left this plane for the end, because it’s the last build that was made in the base. It adds a bit of life and motion to the otherwise very static base. Notice the steam behind it that was made using stained glass. With this, the base is complete. Here’s the final updated map.

Map of the base

I could surely showthe Futuristic vs. Fantasy base in more detail, but I’ve already done that in previous posts and this one is very long anyway. But I just have to stop here for a while and give my thanks to people who helped. There was a lot of them, but the ones who deserve my thanks the most are: TheeKunal2020, who was building with me for 6 months. He stopped playing a month before the season’s end, but the work that was left to be done wasn’t anything impossible for me. Onlyon41month, who supplied us with tons of gravel, glass and other materials, mostly for free. SpikeBeer, who was selling quartz. I think I was the only customer, I bought her out every time she restocked. Finally Bmitzleplick, the kind guy who built a few of the medieval houses.

OK, let’s move on to my other builds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Futuristic vs. Fantasy base has a very fancy nether tunnel leading to it. It’s big enough for horses and elytras and it looks really nice with the netherbrick/leaves designs on a white background. We tried to make our base as impressive as possible, including the nether access to it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The season 6 nether hub was built by me as well. I came up with a “fake overworld” design – a house and some lamd around it, surrounded by darkness. In the central house there are 2 portals to the spawn town and several meeting rooms and places to hang out with others. The nether hub was later expanded by several different people.

My floating island – winner of the sky build competition

This is the sky island I made for a building competition. It’s all my terraforming and building skills clustered into a 30×30 build. It’s one of the best builds I’ve ever made and others liked it too – so much that in the end I won the contest.

My netherwart shop

During the second half of S6 I was running a netherwart shop. It wasn’t very profitable, but that doesn’t matter, I created it mainly because of the build idea I had. It’s a weirwood tree inspired by Game of Thrones. Inside there are signs with quotes and famous lines from GoT along the staircases leading to the shop (which is in the tree canopy). The weirwood tree immedially became the most iconic build in our shopping district.

So this is the end of the season 6. The season that has beaten all the seasons before. I was finally able to really show my buikding skills and with Kunal we made a build of a scale nobody thought was possible. Now it’s time to say my farewell.


Articles about the Futuristic vs. Fantasy base

Lore behind the Futuristic vs. Fantasy base


Weirwood tree (netherwart shop)

Sky island

Nether hub (this post was written before the nether hub got expanded)


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