This is what I call a proper mine entrance

This is what I call a proper mine entrance

Dernalia is a world where I make everything as good as I can and I don’t cheap out on anything. When most people build entrances to their strip mines, they make a staircase, add some neat design and call it done. I usually do the same thing on realms too, but in Dernalia I decided to create something more impressive. Well, here it is.

The entrance to this new build is one of the mine entrances in the new megabuild I’m working on. As I already mentioned last week, I am going to use all of them somehow, this one is the closest one on the left when you enter the area. As soon as you come in you will see a railway (which I just realised isn’t very visible on the screenshot) and a chest with minecarts.

As soon a you enter the minecart and press a button you go on a fast ride down into the mines. It’s a corridor with many turns and zig-zags and it goes through tight tunnels as well as larger caves. The first one of these caves is right at the start of the ride and the miners use it as a storage room, as you can tell from the crates lying there (noteblocks have been changed to crates in the Dernalia texture pack).

This cave is followed by a long sequence of smaller tunnels. I couldn’t fit it all in one picture and it all looks kinda the same as the section on the screenshot above.

Then the tunnel opens into the largest cave in the ride. The miners are about to blow off another tunnel here, so they have put TNT in there and closed the dangerous area with fences. They have also prepared wooden logs for supports to hold the ceiling of this new tunnel.

After this the cart goes through another steep tight tunnel to a small cave (which isn’t really interesting so I didn’t even take a photo of it) and then it makes a 90° turn and goes through the final tunnel. The unlit powered rail in the picture above is the end of the ride at y=11 and it’s already a part of my strip mine.

This project might not seem like a big deal, but in total it took me about 8 hours to make. It’s definitely much cooler than any staircase and I really enjoyed working on it.


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