77th Combine swamp village

A big portion of the spawn area on the 77th Combine season 7 world is a swamp biome. Swamps aren’t the most typical biome to build in, but they open awesome opportunities to use different building styles. So I’ve started some action there.

View of spawn

I used the spawn safe house I built earlier and SpikeBeer’s post office as templates for the building style. All these new houses are standing on wooden logs above water and they are connected by series of hanging bridges. They are mostly made of spruce wood, but I used dark oak for the roofs. An interesting detail are the wooden pills – the bottom is spruce logs, but 1 or 2 blocks above the water they change to dark oak, which has a lighter and more grey-ish colour. This makes them look like they are wet and dirty at the bottom.

Public potion brewery (on the left)

Two of the new buildings are proper houses – one of them has been turned into a public potion brewery, the other one is my personal spawn house. They are both the same size (though the brewery has a little wooden porch attached to it) and the building style is very similiar to the safe house I built a few weeks ago.

My little spawn house

Then there is this little crop farm. It does look a bit weird, but I think a carrot and potato farm on wooden pills above water is kinda cool. I might build more of these eventually, because the small crop farm we have at the spawn island isn’t that great.

Crop farm above water

The rest of these new builds are bridges and wooden supports for bridges. I made them so anyone can go ahead and add more of them, leading to their own houses. And this is what I’d love to see people doing – adding their own bits to this spawn village above the water. There is definitely room to expand and seeing this build growing would be awesome.

Hanging wooden bridges looked from above

If anybody needs help with this (these hanging bridges are really hard to build unless you have a lot of practice), I will be happy to help them. I think this is an opportunity to make something cool together as a community.


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