Schedule change

I’m quickly announcing here that I’m not going to post regularly every Sunday anymore. From now on, my blogs will be coming out irregularly. The reason is that lately I’ve been feeling really forced to post weekly even though I didn’t want to. I really did enjoy the schedule, it actually helped me to finish the Futuristic vs. Fantasy base, because it forced me to make a lot of progress every week (or make filler posts, which is another reason why I’m ending this). However, at the moment I don’t really want to play Minecraft more than I enjoy.

This doesn’t mean I am stopping the blog site or that I will post less often. I am going to post roughly as often as I used to, 1-2 posts per 2 weeks. I will keep posting high quality content as I have been doing in the last few months and I will keep putting a lot of effort into every article. For me, this blog is the best way to show my work to a wider range of people and it will remain so.

Thanks for understanding and I hope you aren’t too angry 🙂


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