Dernalia progress update 6 – Storage room and stables

Dernalia progress update 6 – Storage room and stables

The surface part of the mine project has been an eyesore for a long time due to chests lying in the area and a temporary dirt barrier to keep my horse in (which changed its location several times as I was digging and terraforming and the horse was in the way). Now I finally removed those and made a proper storage room for the mine project and underground stables. This progress update is a smaller one, but I really like these two builds.

Minecraft Bedrock edition updated to 1.10 and the new version of the game changed all vanilla textures. I adapted my Dernalia resource pack to them, but not all textures are finished. The new look of Minecraft changed the way my builds look as well. The most drastic change has been made to the netherrack used in my evil crystal cave.

Nether portal cave with the new textures

The new storage room uses another of the mine entrances I prepared when I started the mine. This one is next to the entrance to my xp farm. To get to the chests you need to walk through a short tunnel which opens into the actual storage room.

Entrance to the storage room

I made this storage small, but effective. It will be enough for the mine. I used quite a lot of wood to make it a little more comfortable place to be in than the cold and rough mines. It’s still a cave tho, so the ceiling and floor are made in a very similiar way to the rest of the build. The room is lit up by torches and two hanging glowstone lamps.

Storage cave
Entrance to stables

The entrance to the new stables is located roughly in the middle of the left side of the mine. This cave is slightly larger and I used some different blocks here – gravel, dirt and coarse dirt on the ground and hay bales underneath the horses. Each horse has its own cauldron with water as well. The room is lit by the new lanterns added in 1.10, this is the first time I used them in a build.

Horse pens
Hole in the ceiling of the underground stables

There is also a small hole in the ceiling that brings daylight into the stables and lets the smell of the horses get out of the room. Overall this is one of the less impressive parts of the mine, but it’s still quite nice. And it allowed me to finally clean up the surface part of the mine, it’s now nice and blank and I can put some cool details in there.

Tidied up surface part of the mine

And just before updating to 1.10 I defeated a wither in Dernalia and got myself a beacon. It will definitely help me a lot in future projects.


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