My lanscaping orders

My lanscaping orders

A while ago I opened a landscaping shop on the 77th Combine realm. I wasn’t playing that much in the past 3 weeks (as you might’ve noticed from the lack of blog posts), but I got 2 landscaping orders from other 77th Combine players and I made some trees and rocks for them. Here’s what I’ve done.

My first landscaping job was in Shadow Ridge, one of the communities/districts we have on the 77th Combine. For many players on the realm (including me), Shadow Ridge is mainly the place with a double skeleton spawner. Even though we’ve grown out of it a bit and we have better xp farms now, it’s still the best place on the realm to get large quantities of bones. But Shadow Ridge is more than that – it’s a place with several bases and many little medieval styled builds spread at an area around 300 blocks in size.

Shadow Ridge community house with my trees around

My job here was to make a lot of custom trees on the hill that is on one side of Shadow Ridge. I ended up with 17 custom spruce trees, which may not seem like a lot, but each of them takes a few minutes to build, so this was definitely over 2 hours of work in total. But I’ve enjoyed it, for me custom spruce trees are far easier and more relaxing than other types.

My new custom trees in Shadow Ridge
Kunal’s sky island

The second project was a sky island for Kunal2020, the guy I teamed up with for the Futuristic vs. Fantasy base in season 6. He is back on the 77th Combine and he hired me for this build in his base area. This project was a collaboration – Kunal built the top of the island and the tree, I made the bottom part with rocks, overhangs and vines.

The underside of the island

Sky islands are always hard to build and this one is larger than all the islands I made before. First I made the shape out of stone, then added andesite, cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, ores, leaves and vines. It was especially tricky to work in these heights in survival, with the only way to access the places I needed being lots of dirt scaffolding. The new awesome scaffolding block added to Minecraft was useless once again.

A look from the ground level

This build had two new challenges for me. It was the first time I used cobblestone as an accent/ore block in a rock-style terraforming, similiar to how I use andesite. Before 1.10, cobblestone was the only stone-type block with slabs and stairs, so I was using it for details pretty much everywhere. Now I have stone and andesite in the slabs/stairs variants avaible, but they are a bit too smooth and uninteresting for a sky island like this. That’s why I am using all these three materials for slabs and stairs (+ I actually used mossy cobblestone stairs and slabs for some spots as well). It makes the building process even slower and inventory management becomes pretty much impossible, but it allows me to add more detail to my landscaping without making the build too noisy and confusing. Also, I added some hidden lights to the sky island using lamps behind stairs and leaves. It was quite hard and I’ve never done it on a sky island like this before.

Kunal’s big hole under the sky island

The build is not done and Kunal has already hired me for some more work in the area, this time I will be working underneath the island.


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