Creative island is back

Creative island is back

This is an old project of the 77th Combine community started about half a year ago. We created a new world on a separate realm and came up with a plan to build a fantasy adventure map, taking advantage of tools we usually don’t have, like creative mode or commands. At first we were building here a lot, but then the hype faded away and we eventually closed the realm. Recently, after the release of 1.11, this creative project was opened back and I am one of the most active builders.

The entire map is an island about 1500 blocks in size and it’s divided into several kingdoms. Each of them has a project leader, a main/capital city and other builds and smaller towns and villages (well, not yet, but that’s the plan). I explained the way it’s organized here in its own article.

This is how much of my city has been built till now

Other people built a lot since the last 77th creative island post too (probably the most noticeable one is Tasel who made a lot of progress on his city), but here I’m going to focus just on my city, Redcoast. The style it’s made in is interesting and I’ve never built in such a way before. There are some very obvious unifying elements, like the vibrant red roofs and brick/granite pavements, but there is no proper build palette set, each house is different and some of them are made of very unusual materials. Also, I am focusing on the streets and alleyways between houses lot and detailing them as much as possible.

New houses

The main addition to Redcoast are these three houses and they are a good example of all the building techniques I’ve described above. One of them is an ordinary city house, one is a glazed terracotta shop and the last one is a home of the owner of that shop. These two are connected by a small hanging wooden bridge.

Front of the glazed terracotta shop

Considering the usage of unusual building material, the terracotta shop was probably the most challenging house to build so far. I wanted to use glazed terracotta not only as the stock displayed in front of the shop, but also in the building itself. You can see yellow glazed terracotta used as a nice detail and magenta terracotta marking the entrance (this was purely a way to challenge myself and to show everyone that even magenta glazed terracotta can be used in a build), I also used grey at the other side. The rest is dark wood and bone blocks. This might be a nice advice to those who want to build using vibrant colours – combine them with very dark or very light blocks. Red will really clash with green or blue and almost any colour of concrete will clash with stone unless you do the build very well, but white and black (or very dark brown like here) look good with any colour and they emphasize the contrast, which is the whole point of using such vibrant colours in the first place.

Terracotta shop interior

Both the terracotta shop and the house of its owner have fully done interiors. The inside of the house is pretty generic – a living room, beds for the salesman’s family, a stove and storage chests and barrels. It has quite a large upper floor/attic, which is connected to the attic of the shop via a hanging bridge. The interior of the shop is much more interesting due to all the weird glazed terracotta blocks used.

Backyard/alleyway are behind the terracotta shop

There is quite a nice alley/backyard area between the houses with more glazed terracotta blocks, crates and a bit of greenery. I purposely made this one more plain and industrial looking compared to the ones made previously, I think it fits the story behind this area better. It’s still a nice area, another of these alleys that have a nice atmosphere thaf is completely different from the main streets. You enter, and you feel like you moved to a whole different world, the same effect some real-life alleys in old cities have.

The shop owner’s workplace

I went even further with focusing on the story behind this man who sells glazed terracotta by creating him a small workplace in another tiny alleyway right next to the previous one. I just thought the new stonecutter block would be perfect for him. Here he cuts coloured terracotta (I used concrete because the colours are more accurate, but let’s pretend it’s terracotta) into pieces and then puts them together into those beautiful mosaics.

Upper floor/attic of the shop owner’s house

I have done more than just these three houses, but the rest isn’t as interesting and I have no idea what was shown in the last post from this project and what was build since then. Also, I have a small reminder for fellow 77th Combine members. Pretty much all of the other houses don’t have interiors and I hate making them (apart from the very interesting ones like this shop). Anyone is welcome to come to Redcoast and work on some, I can never do them all myself. Some guidelines are in the house you appear in when teleporting to Rerocast from the platform above the volcano at spawn, in case you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.


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