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Detail look – Season 3 post office (77th Combine)

Detail look – Season 3 post office (77th Combine)

Recently I got a chance to revisit season 3 of the 77th Combine realm and of course it brought back a lot of memories. After over a year I have seen my military base, our awesome old shopping district and many other places. However, out of all that’s been done in that season one build stands out – my post office.

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Detail look – Red rooftiles factory

This is a build made by me in the 77th Combine creative world. A few days ago, I was thinking about the lore in my kingdom and I realised there was no story behind the most recognisable element of the style used in it – vibrant red roofs made of red concrete and wool combination. I have done some research on how these red rooftiles would be made in real world and I decided to build this small rooftiles factory.

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